Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brandon's Baptism!

My friend Brandon got baptized on July 11th! I'm so happy for him. I know with all my heart that this choice was the right one and I know that his decision will change his life forever in all the right ways. The Church is TRUE!
Michael got to baptize and confirm him.
Krista and I worked with Brandon at a Physical Therapy office and Michael and Brandon met through me.
Eating at Chili's with my family and the missionaries afterwards.
It was a really, really good day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sis Trip

Over 4th of July weekend, my sisters and I took a "Sis Trip". The four of us sisters flew out to Sunny Isles, Florida, to surprise my brother, Derek (His wife, Lindsey, was the brains behind the whole thing). It was fun to see where he'd been going to law school and I'm glad we got to do it when we did because they are now moving to New York for an internship before they make the permanent move to Las Vegas. I LOVE Florida. Of course my favorite thing was seeing my family. I miss my nephews. They are gorgeous and chunky and clever and hilarious and cuddly and they make being an aunt my favorite part of my life. But aside from that, I love the beaches there and I love the ward in Miami. I agree that the church is true wherever you go, but there are some places where it's more unpredictable. (Example: In the middle of the Relief Society lesson, a lady on the front row answered her phone and spoke loudly in Spanish to the person on the other end for about two minutes. No one in the room was phased besides me and my sisters.) All in all, this trip was one of my favorites. SFL!

Every 4th of July needs a parade.
Nina showing true Nelson-Patriotism.

Playing "grumpy faces". Miles won.

Bath time.

He may look like a Douglass facially, but his body's all Nelson.
Crying because we had to put a sock on his hand so he'd keep the band-aid on his finger. I LOVE this picture.
Kisses make it all better.
We all got to ride on the back of Derek's bike. (That's Hayley.)Rocking back after riding a fan boat to see some alligators and then eating gator nuggets.
This shot took them 20 tries.
Stealing Aunt Paige's drink. Notice the sandy hands.
I taught him how to play pirates.
Miles at his happiest: with chocolate all over his face.