Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NRA, PNA and Hopefully an ME(N)A

My sister is getting married!


I couldn't be happier with Paige's pick: Nick. He is a fantastic guy who adores my sister and treats her like a princess. He's a hard worker, loves his family, gets along with and has found approval from (miracle of all miracles) the whole Nelson crew, plays the piano and guitar, sings, has a good sense of humor and has a slight southern twang in his accent. But the main thing is:

He makes Paige happy; which makes me happy.

Congratulations to my sis and my bro-ancé (AKA Paige's fiancé AKA my future bro AKA my bro-ancé)!

OH MY GOSH! I almost forgot the best part about Paige and Nick getting married: Nick's grandpa's name is Merlin. MERLIN. As in

Yeah. Merlin.

So, while this post is a happy post, it is also a warning that I have already given Sis and Bro-ancé in person, but am reiterating here for the whole world to see: If Paige and Nick don't take advantage of the gift of being able to name one of their children Merlin: I will never forgive them. Seriously. Where else will you find an opportunity like this? Can't you just imagine it?

Merlin Erven Anderson

or if they want to get really fancy with it they can name him

Merlin Erven Nelson Anderson

Four names. Two from each side of the family. It's perfect!

Paige, I'm serious. Please, Please, PLEASE! Don't screw this up. I promise not to love any of my nieces or nephews as much as Merlin Erven.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm sorry I've been so bad about blogging lately. I'm taking a break from studying for finals to give you a quick twofer (two for the price of one, JSYK).

First of all, today is Day 30 of P90X. While I haven't seen the results I would like to see so far in regards to the way my clothes fit, I have seen a change in my energy levels. I'm happier (I think) than I was a month ago (though the temperature has changed quite a bit as well in the last thirty days so it could also have something to do with that). It's a little easier for me to get out of bed and get stuff done when my alarm goes off (sometimes). I'm also a lot more flexible which is something I wasn't expecting so quickly. I'm finding some stretches too easy now and am looking for more ways to actually feel a pull or stretch, so that's cool. Oh yeah, and Tony Horton, you crazy/weird man:
I hate you, but I love you.

Speaking of crazy/weird love, my second part of this post (putting the "two" in twofer) is about Chinese people and how I miss them:

I love and miss Chinese people.

And here's a video to help you see why. Also, the music during his final trick reminds me of Land Before Time which only adds to its greatness.

中国, 我 约定 近义词!