Sunday, April 5, 2009

Favorite Songs

So, a friend of mine asked me to list my top ten songs ever. I instantly thought about three or four. The more I thought about it the more songs that came to mind. So, I pulled out my iTunes and started going through the thousands of songs I have on there. I asked my friend, "I have to narrow these down to TEN? There's no way!" So he said that I could fill a cd if that would make it easier. My first skimming of my collection gave me 130 songs that I simply love. After a long, hard deliberation process, I've narrowed the list even further to 22 songs. I had to make some painful cuts, like Frank Sinatra, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elton John and Snoop Dogg. But the songs that I'm left with I absolutely couldn't bring myself to delete off the playlist. Songs were picked either because of the music, the lyrics or the time in my life when I first heard them. They are all pretty sentimental to me. They might not be all that exciting, but I'm in love with this mix and am glad my friend put me up to this challenge. I've added all the songs that I could to my playlist so you can hear them. Enjoy!

22. I've Got a Crush on You performed by Casey Moore and Kelly Sweet ~This one isn't mainstream so you won't be able to find it... sorry. Email me if you want to hear it, I'll send you the file. But here's some pictures of the all-too beautiful singers.
21. Breaking Free from "High School Musical"

20. You Can't Stop the Beat from "Hairspray"

19. Carrying the Banner from "Newsies" ~ Couldn't find this one either, but I'm sure most of you have heard it. If not, rent the movie. It's well worth it. Here's a youtube video of one of the other wonderful songs from that movie:

18. Sky Blue and Black by Jackson Browne ~This one I really love because of the lyrics.

17. Even Now by Barry Manilow
~ I don't want to hear any harsh words about this man. I love him, and his music.
16. As Long As You're Mine from "Wicked"

15. You'll Be in My Heart from "Tarzan" ~ The only song I could find is the Phil Collins version, I prefer the movie one.

14. Someday We'll Know by Mandy Moore featuring Jonathan Foreman

13. Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson

12. Chasing Cars by Snow Patro
l ~I was introduced to this song after my uncle passed away last year. It was one of his favorite songs. And now it's one of mine. The musicality and the message are brilliant.

11. A Whole New World from "Aladdin"

10. Love Me and Trouble by Elvis Presley ~I know this one has two in it, but I just couldn't decide between the two and since I'm such a big fan of him and since the songs are both only two minutes each, I figured I could cheat a little and count them both as my number 10... and since there are two songs I figured I'd include my two favorite pictures of him.

9. The Luckiest by Ben Folds

8. Defying Gravity from "Wicked"

7. Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

6. Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) by Billy Joel

5. Out Loud by Dispatch

4. Your Smiling Face by James Taylor ~ I was talking to someone the other day about Sweet Baby James and he said that he didn't like him because he was a "pansy, heroine addict". Well, if that's what it takes to produce music like this song, then I applaud all pansy, heroine addicts. (... Just kidding, Mother.) For some reason I couldn't find this song on the playlist site and I couldn't find any versions like the original on youtube, but here's a video of the song in the live formatting that sort of ruins it. Oh well, it's better than nothing.

3. Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

2. Flowing by 311

And, my number one song of all time. Drum roll please...

1. Hard To Say I'm Sorry by Chicago


Paige Nelson said...

I agree with most of these, especially 21,19,14,13,11,8,7,definitely 3, and of course number 1..."good job" (creepy Randy Travis eye brows)

M+H said...

Oh my gosh that mix seriously sounds AMAZING. I will pay you to burn me a copy. :)

Lisa and Family said...

Wow...I don't care what songs you picked, I just can't get over what a good job you did with the pics and all. love it!

Crooked Brooke said...

Thanks, Mom. I'm glad you DON'T CARE about my mix. Thanks a lot...

M+H said...

Yay! I am way excited for my mix! :)