Friday, June 26, 2009

Heal the World (RIP Michael Jackson)

I know that I am by no means the only person affected by the death of Michael Jackson. But I definitely am affected by it. Of the many, many memories I have of him in my life, I think that this is one of the most vivid and one that had the biggest impact on me personally. I know he had his issues, but the messages he gave to the world through his music were beautiful. (The last half of this video is what I'm referring to, though the whole thing is great.)


Paige Nelson said...

Yesterday was truely an emotional day. What would our lives be without the influence of the king of pop? aka what would our lives be without the influence of "Man in the Mirror"? I never would have been able to turn to you on the tube, while going 500 miles an hour, and say "Brooke, I'm going to make that change...CHAAAAAANGE" (with my arms and legs flying straight out). I can't believe he's gone. I hope he's taking care of Gokey for me. RIP mj and the gokster.

Lisa and Family said...

This video is so cliche and so corny and sappy and....I LOVED IT!! Every. single. second. Classic, CLASSIC Michael "Mirror" Jackson. Thanks for posting this - how did you find it? It is a perfect little microcosm of MJ and is exactly what he represents to most of us. I'm sitting here all choked up and thinking that for the first time - I'm glad that MJ is out of this world that he was just too sensitive and gentle for and was too messed up by. His gargantuan genius ate him alive. He belongs in "a better place" - RIP for real - and now he can. thanks again...loved it.