Saturday, May 6, 2017

Brooke Fabbi in Poem Form

Hi Guys! It's been about six years since I've been on here! I went on a mission, got married, adopted an iguana and a lot of other stuff. My life is good. My life is full. But lately, I've been missing the creative, cathartic, enjoyable influence blogging had on my life way back when. So, here I am, back for more!

To start things off, I figured I'd share a little poem I wrote while substituting for my mother-in-law's high school English class. They had to write poems in a certain format and I couldn't resist trying it for myself. (If any of you want to try writing your own auto-biographical poem, I'll post the format in the comments below. I added a few lines to mine that weren't in the format, but that's ok: Poetry is for non-conformists!) Feel free to share your poems in the comments as well. I think these things are fun to read and fun get-to-know-you exercises. And, without further ado:

Prone to be called giggly, passionate, loyal, and “deliciously weird”,
Sister of Joel, Derek, Paige, Hayley, Rex, and Nina
Daughter of Erven and Lisa,
Lover of mermaids, Harry Potter, fire, bright colors, Elvis, ocean waves, and Disney,
Who feels hopeful about the future, overwhelmed by her inadequacies, and happiest surrounded by loved ones,
Who needs sunshine, laughter, frequent sing-alongs, and her inhaler,
Who gives encouragement when you’re down, advice when you’re confused, and will drop everything for a friend in need,
Who fears failure and fighting and blue whales and outer space and spiders,
Who wishes quality time didn’t pass so quickly, that she could fly fast and free like a falcon, and that Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs were an essential food group,
Who would like to see the Northern Lights, all of Europe, and what her future children will look like,
Who lives in a one-bedroom apartment near the airport, by the train tracks, with her handsome iguana and her even handsomer husband, where they will study Chinese together once she finally gets her degree,

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Crooked Brooke said...

Autobiographical Poem
Line 1: Your First Name
Line 2: Four descriptive traits
Line 3: Sibling of…
Line 4: Lover of…
Line 5: Who feels…
Line 6: Who needs…
Line 7: Who gives…
Line 8: Who fears…
Line 9: Who would like to see…
Line 10: Who lives…
Line 11: Your Last Name