Monday, November 9, 2009


So, a friend of mine
made an anagram the other day and it was a reawakening for me. How could I have overlooked the potential nerdy fun that anagrams have been offering to me for all these years? I can't even begin to list all of the signs that the universe has thrown my way. And what have I done? Simply shoved them aside. But I'll shove aside no longer!

I'm officially addicted to anagrams.

Yesterday was Stake Conference. Instead of having both a Sunday and a Saturday session, they had two Sunday sessions. The talks were great, but sometimes I get a little antsy over four-hour periods and the best way for me to pay attention (though it may sound contradictory, it's true) is to doodle or draw. This Stake Conference I anagrammed. (Yes, "Anagrammed" is a word.)

I went through a bunch of my friends' names, and of course my own:
(Disclaimer! Some of the words that were in said names were not of my choosing and are not meant to offend.)

Brooke Nelson~ O, Bone Snorkel!
Michael Gordon Brandley~ Bar Honored Melding Clay
David Robert Kuboshige~ I Sever Hag Boob, Turd Kid.
Lauren Virginia Pieper~ Inn Ire I Rape Vulgar Pie.
Kiera Yvette George~ I Yet Revere Goat Keg.
Camille Christina Butler~ Chili Cream Bent Slut Liar
Jason Scott Jacobs~ Jots Jab, So Can Cost.
Kyle Brandon Peterson~ Born Slant? Peek Yonder.
Spencer Douglas Earnest~ Prongs Recede, Steal a Sun.
Micah William Richards~ I Chair Swim: Child Alarm.

My only wish now is that I could be a professional anagrammaraian. (No, "Anagrammarian" is not a word. But it should be.) So, if anyone has a name they would like me to work out, please let me know. I won't charge. I'm sure you can anagrammatize (This one IS a word.) it on your own, but if you want to throw me a bone anyways and give me something to entertain myself with, I'd appreciate it. I won't charge. I'm just a nerd who is going to run out of friends soon...


M+H said...

Ooh I want one! Heather Michelle Morgan (or Heather Place Morgan or Heather Michelle Place can decide). And while you're at it, do Melia Virginia Morgan. Pretty sure that's what her name will be and hopefully when you're done she'll be here...OH PPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE let her be here! Thanks!

Taren said...

I think i just found my new favorite hobby.

and there were just too many darn people in our China group.

At least 16 unnecessary ones.

the more I read the blog the more I realize what a shame it really is.

Kindred spirits!

Except for you got to go back to wonderful China and I went to plain ol' Russia.

Oh the Russia...

(I'm not sure if this comment made any sense)

Taren said...

i meant the more i read *your blog.