Thursday, February 7, 2008

Professor Coldheart Must have been from Provo.

It is FREEZING up in Utah. I can't wait for summer. But until then, I'll have what fun I can...

I finally met Lily! (I promise I'm in there somewhere beneath the mane.)

And I finally was reunited with my Boo-Boos!

Family Picture.

Dancing to N*Sync on the way up to Utah.

Dad got into the photoshoot Paige and I were having. This is my FAVORITE picture ever. Bar none.

I've got a pretty vogue family. (Christmas Eve Pajamas)

There's a unicycler that rides around campus and Emily and I met him! Haha.

COLD night. Cami and Emily made me go night sledding with them, but first we drove around for 2 hours and then got to dig somebody's truck out of the snow... it was lots of fun...

My friend, Christian, was in a Guitar Hero Competition on campus and I made a tattoo to wear to the thing so that he'd feel like a real rockstar.

We decided to do a five-way feeding at Whitney's birthday party...

Whitney's Birthday.

Quite possibly the best Christmas Present EVER. It's a real hit up here. (The present is the Elvis cut out, not my friend, Beaver.)

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Lisa & family said...

Brookie!! I loved these all so much - China, Wuxi, mullets, nostrils, baby blessings, Elvis, everything! I really need to update mine (or should I say "our family's") blog site. That will be my goal for next week. We're excited to have you here with us this weekend. Be careful and drive safe! Love you - Mom