Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quick China Wrap-Up

So, I did some pretty fun things right at the end of my trip this time. I went to a place called Sanya which is like the Chinese Hawaii. I also went to Hong Kong Disneyland! Then I said goodbye to my friends and kids and hopped on a plane headed for America. It was hard to leave, but good to get home.

Here I am at Monkey Island... with a monkey on my head.


Hong Kong Disneyland!

Look at that mullet! ... and the woman next to the mullet picking her nose.

The last time the 6 of us were all together was in Taiwan.

This is prominently displayed at the front of the school. In case you can't tell, it's my picture with a very authentic Chinese-written paragraph "by me"...

The local kids caught up with me as I was leaving for Hong Kong to say goodbye to me. Hebe (tall one in the pink) took the keychain off of her key ring and gave it to me as a parting gift. Such sweethearts!

Saying bye to Gong Laoshi (my Taiji master) was probably the hardest goodbye for me... except for my Little Lucas.


Little Lucas picking a song off my song chart.

Closing preformance for the parents. Our kids did an AMAZING job.

Nigel, Lucas and Me. One of my favorite pictures!

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Lisa & family said...

I just looked at all this again and - Brooke - I just love you so much!! I'm so proud of're so beautiful and so fun and adventuresome and full of life and love to give and whenever you laugh it's such a delight - the ultimate reward and compliment to all things truly funny. Not to mention it's so completely infectious. When I see these pics I swear I can hear you laughing! I'm beginning to sound like an infatuated boyfriend!! But, I'm just a very proud mother who can't wait for the next chapter of your life while at the same time never wanting you to grow up!! Much much love -- Mommy