Monday, May 11, 2009

Bare Necessities

So, I might be a liar.
Unintentionally though... let me explain: you know how people ask you what your favorite food is? Granted, that doesn't happen that often anymore, usually just around your birthday, but still, people ask it. Well, when I'm asked that question I usually go "umm..." and squint my eyes up and to the left a little until an answer comes to me. The answer is usually something like coffee cake, or 餃子 (jiaozi), or Snickerdoodles, or even A1.
That being said, you would think that I'd maybe have my favorite foods stocked in my house, right? Wrong. Here's where the lying comes in.
I remember when I used to daydream about living on my own. I imagined it stocked with Reese's and Dr. Pepper. I'm just glad that my 12-year-old self can't see me now. She'd be disappointed. Yet, (sorry 12-year-old self) if those foods were my favorite foods, knowing me they would actually be in my kitchen right now. But they aren't. What is in my kitchen right now are my "essentials". THESE are the things that I can't live without. These are the items on my imaginary grocery list that are written in permanent marker. I always have these on hand. I may have other items from time to time, but no matter what you'll always find the following foods:
~Cottage Cheese (word of warning: don't google cottage cheese images unless you have a strong stomach)
~Sour Cream ~Yoplait Yogurt (mostly Lemon and Raspberry, sometimes I branch out, but always get these)
~Kosher Dill Pickles ~ Chili ~Tuna and Mustard (straight from the can; just squeeze the mustard right on top, mmm!)
~Key Lime Bars and last, but never-could-it-possibly-be-least,
~Crunch Berries
Some of them may be a bit on the odd/boring side, but you know what, I guess that's just who I am: odd and slightly boring. The secret's out. Oh well. At least I'm not lying to myself anymore. So, to any of you who I projected myself to as a fun, cinnamon-y person with my "coffee cake" answers, my apologies. I'm off to rummage through my mouth-watering cupboards. Bon apetite!

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Libby Ipson said...

My 12 year old wifely instincts dreamt of oodles and oodles of pantries filled to the brim with Spaghettio's. Now that mine is full of them, I can't bring myself to partake of even 1 can. Oh to be 12 again...