Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Thank You for Being a Friend"

SAD news: my (woman-with-a-man-voice/ shoulder-pad-warrior/ blanket-for-a-shirt wearing/ so-sarcastic-I-need-chapstick) hero, Bea Arthur, passed away. I first met her as Dorothy Zbornak on one of my top five all-time favorite tv shows, Golden Girls. But my respect and appreciation for her grew from there. She was in many ways revolutionary. Her comedy was genius; her style was heinous. She will genuinely be missed. Here she is in all her glory:


Paige Nelson said...

Your obsession with Golden Girls is always has been. I couldn't even bring myself to push play on the 5 mintue clip you have. I'm sorry. RIP.

Crooked Brooke said...

I promise that you won't regret it because even if you don't like Aunt Janice (Dorothy), you'll love Grandma Marian (Rose) and Gr'ma Frankie (Blanche). Seriously, watch it.