Monday, August 24, 2009

Mister Mystery

Thank goodness I'm not married.

I mean, I'm sure marriage is great and all, but it's a good thing that I personally am single at this point in my life.

I say this because I've been looking back at all of my relationships that I've had, and while a lot of them have been great, they've all ended (obviously, there's only going to be one relationship that doesn't actually end). At the time of break-up I'm usually pretty sad, regardless of whether I ended it or not. But now I'm so happy that I didn't end up with a lot of those guys. Not that those guys aren't great. But they weren't the perfect fit for me. And I know that there will be someone, somewhere, who is. The more I date people, the more I know what I'm looking for in a companion. ( Jimmy had this that I liked and that that I didn't like. And Bobby had this that I loved and that that I hated.) And because I'm learning more and more what does and doesn't fly for me, I'm becoming more and more grateful that certain relationships didn't work out. (Does that sound harsh? I don't mean it to.) I'm grateful they happened though because they taught me a lot and they're helping me narrow down/lengthen my "Things to Look for in a Potential Husband" List. I'm getting a clearer picture of him all the time. Of course that picture is figurative. Though a literal picture would be nice.

The one downfall of this constant learning experience I call dating is that the more I know what I want my "Mister Mystery" to be like, the less likely it seems that I'll find someone with all those qualities. In short, I'm getting pickier. But picky is a good thing, right? Right. I can be patient. He'll come along eventually...

...In the mean time, I've taken to dating celebrities. You know, just to fill my calendar up a little bit while I'm waiting. Afterall, no one ever said being patient means you have to be lonely, did they? Here's a couple pictures of my most recent flings.

Me and Zac. Young love is the purest love.
Edward/Robert just can't get enough of me.
Justin. The great thing about dating a Momma's Boy is the fact that he knows how to treat a lady.
Look at the bling Gerard gave me. Too bad he's not LDS.
This one time, Ryan made me laugh so hard I peed my pants. Luckily we were in a hot tub at the time.
Sorry for the immodesty. James picked out the dress.
Oh, Brad! I love the way he looks at me. It's like I'm the only girl in the world.
When we're driving together, Daniel likes to show off and drive really, really fast. I like it cause it gives me an excuse to grab on to his bulging biceps.
Johnny and I back when I had bangs. Just look at him! Gorgeous.
And now, for the one guy that I would never, ever, EVER have broken up with. The world just came between us. Well, the world and a bunch of Fried Peanut-Butter and Banana sandwiches. Here he is, the first and foremost love of my life.
Elvis and I on our first date.
Engagement pictures.
The best day of our lives. Until we meet again, My Love!


Lisa and Family said...

I'm laughing so hard! For once I fell for your serious running start to all of this - so funny. I love you in bangs, by-the-way. My fav's? You and Brad - you and Daniel, oh...forget it, I can't decide. You and Gerard looked awfully good too. Your perfect match is out there, Brooke. Thanks for being patient. Who knows? He might be on the BYU swim team!! Love you...Mom

Adrian Shahbazian said...

Great post, Brooke.
You WILL find someone who is a perfect person. Just remember that people tend to marry people who are just as "good" as they are. So, stay strong, stick to your beliefs, and you'll attract and be attracted to a like person.

Also, your comment about you becoming more and more picky reminds me of something that a General Authority said to us in a zone conference...
"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent."

Keep being awesome!

Paige Nelson said...

Hahaha! My favorite part was the comments that you made under the pictures. Some of these pictures creeped me out because I thought they were me! Well only the ones were you had Brittany Spear's hair. The picture of you laying on Justin's shoulder seriously looks real. But my fave is you and Elvis on your wedding day. Beauitful couple.

Preston and Amanda said...

Okay. So you need to cut bangs! So cute! And also I am wondering if you could get me date with Zac or Rob or Brad...Preston won't care.
You are amazing Brooke! Love you!

Olga said...
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Taren said...

bahah i love this post! married people don't get to date zac efron AND elvis all in the same month. TAKE THAT!

and i know exactly what you're talking about ;)

(okay, that was embarrassing. i accidently commented the first time as my secret alias olga... haha)