Friday, September 11, 2009

The Drunk and the DeGeneres?

I was very upset to hear that "The Drunk" as Nina likes to call her is not renewing her contract with American Idol.
Even though I agree that she's crazy, has no credibility, an awful vocabulary and claps like a seal, she's been on there for so long that I've come to a love/hate relationship with her and I can't imagine the show without her. And, even though I knew it was her fault for not taking the contract because she wanted more money, I was still set on not watching this next season because I knew it wouldn't be the same.
But now that I know who her replacement is going to be, I'm ecstatic that it won't be the same; it's going to be better.
Here,I'll let Ellen tell you all about it:
Hurray! I can't wait! I loved her on So You Think You Can Dance and think she'll be great on Idol. Speaking of So You Think You Can Dance, here she is reunited and dancing with the Season 5 cast.
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Thank you, Paula, for being a money-loving booze-hound. I'll miss you... but not that much.

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Paige Nelson said...

I love ellen more than words can express. But, even more, that Nina calls her drunk.

Playing that game Sunday night:

Teen~ "Um she's always drunk, un she's on American Idol!"