Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ANOTHER Hero Comes Along: A Letter to Jackie

Dearest Jackie,
While you can never be replaced as my hero (WWJD will always be my motivation to be BA), I've realized that there will be people (possibly animals, seeing as you're an animal, though it's highly unlikely) who will be able to join your ranks and stand next to you (probably more accurate is "close behind you") in the supersquad that is going to be my own, personalized Justice League.
I know you're wondering who in the world could come close to matching you in coolness and bravery and awe-power. Let me explain: There once was a man(?) named Michael Jackson. He passed away a few months ago, and in the mourning process I've purchased literature about him and his family. Michael has a brother named Jermaine ("Where are you going with this?" You may be asking, hold on just a little bit longer, my one-legged, war-decorated primate.). While Jermaine never produced work that was praised the way his whiter brother's was, he did give the world one thing that is worthy of attention. It's actually worthy of a lot more than attention. It, or HE, I should say, is Jermaine's son. I'm not going to go into great detail about his son, because there is only one detail that we need to know about this boy who will help you protect and even change the world. That key detail is this boy's name. Are you ready for it? His name is
Jermajesty(Here he is pictured with Jermaine-the-Genius)
Knowing your intelligence and appreciation for all things wonderful, I am confident that you agree with me in thinking that this boy is special and should become the official second member of my team of heroes. I hope everything is well for you. Things are great here. Warm Regards!


Paige Nelson said...

Dear Brooke-

Jermajesty is Aproooved!! How could he be denied with a name like that? I feel his parents should join as well, sine they;re the ones who thought of the glorious name.


Anonymous said...

AMAZING. I think Jermajesty could easily become Jackie's boy-sidekick. Ya know, like Batman and Robin...Jackie and Jermajesty. It has a nice ring to it.

Crooked Brooke said...

I thought about adding Jermaine as well, but I figured that the team only has room for one Jackson and while Jermaine was the genius behind the whole deal, Jermajesty is the lucky one with the name.

Also, I LOVE the ring to Jackie and Jermajesty. They'll definitely be a duo the world has never seen the likes of before!