Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sixth Day of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas I'm truly grateful for:

Six grandparents.

Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Rex

Grandpa Jack and Grandma Marian (with my cousin, Alex)

Gr'pa Buck and Gr'ma Frankie (with me, Paige, Derek, Linds and Nix)

Gr'pa Buck and Gr'ma Frankie are my dad's dad and step-mom.  His name isn't really Buck (but hers really is Frankie).  My Gr'pa's real name is Erven, just like my dad's and just like my gr'pa's dad. I didn't know that until I was probably six or seven though because we've always called him Buck.  Gr'pa was an opthamologist until he retired.  For a long time he lived in Las Vegas and we'd always go over to his place for a Christmas Eve party.  I always looked forward to them because I got to open an early present and Gr'ma always had the most beautiful gingerbread houses all lit up that I would sit and stare at.  They've always, ALWAYS signed their cards with the apostrophes in them.  I've never seen them spell out "grandpa" or "grandma", always "Gr'pa and Gr'ma".  Gr'pa goes by Buck because he loves everything cowboy.

Gr'pa's Birthday party

Their house is like walking into a cozy ranch house with all of it's cowboy memorabilia. My favorite thing about Gr'pa's house has always been his human-sized slot machine that is shaped like a cowboy.  His arm has a gun in it pointed at the sky until you pull it down and it points at you. Then the wheels start spinning and you see if you're going to win any nickels.  Gr'pa's sister, AJ, is the one that I've been living with this last semester and loved so much.

Grandma Marian and Grandpa Jack are my dad's mom and step-dad.

Grandma Marian and Grandpa Jack at Paige's wedding

My Grandma is a very elegant and classy lady. She's always wearing the prettiest tops and jewelry.  She speaks with impeccable grammar and is knowledgeable on any subject you can think of.  One thing I've always loved about my grandma is her love for reading.  She has enough books in her house to start a library.  She has closets and rooms and boxes and a garage full of the books that she's read.  If I ever can't find a book at a store or the library, I'd be willing to bet that my grandma has it. I have very fond memories of Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese and Squirt when I think of being at grandma's house. That's was our staple differ when she was watching us.  Grandma is also a beautifully talented pianist and organist.  She's just so very accomplished in so many things.  She met Jack a couple years back and being the lively spirit that she is, they eloped.  The first time I ever met Jack she introduced him to me as her "friend" when in reality he was her husband and she just didn't have the nerve to tell us yet.  Jack is a great guy. Hayley and I have talked with him about his service in the Second World War and I've gained a great appreciation for the brave and honorable man he is.  He loves Grandma very much and is a big sweetheart wanting to keep up with everyone on email and facebook.

Grandpa Rex and Grandma Bonnie are my mom's parents.

Grandpa Rex and Grandma Bonnie at Paige's wedding

I have so many wonderful memories with them. They've taught me a lot about love and devotion to God and to family.  They're very fun to be around and care very much about keeping up with the lives of each of their children and grandchildren.  My Grandpa Rex is the most patient, humble and Christ-like man I know.  He genuinely loves and sees the best in everyone he meets. One time he told me that when I interact with people I need to assume that no matter what their problems or faults are that they are doing the best that they can.  Only when someone is trying their hardest can they be open to change and improvement. Only then can you work together. I love that he told me to do that because I know that that must be his philosophywhen he interacts with others. My grandpa made up this bed-time story called "Pinky the Elephant" that has a great moral and a fun song that goes along with it.  It's a family tradition when you're a little child to have him tell it to you before you go to sleep on nights that you're staying with him and Grandma. Grandpa also coined the phrase, "I love you and I beat you to it."  If you can ever say it to him before he does, it's a triumph.  My Grandma Bonnie is the most organized and thoughtful person I've ever met.  She never forgets a birthday or Christmas or Valentine's Day or Halloween.  She'll always have sweet card that has my name written in her perfect hand-writing.  The gifts she gets me are always things that I can tell were picked out with me in mind.  Grandma has a big heart and would do anything for her family. I don't have a middle name and when I was a little girl I decided that my middle name would be Bonnie after Grandma Bonnie because of the great and valuable person she is to me.

So, on this Sixth day of Christmas, I'm truly grateful for:

Six Grandparents,

Five Nieces and Nephews,

Four Middle School Friends, Four High School Friends and Four China Friends,

Three Brothers, Three Sisters and Three Siblings-in-Law,

Two Loving Parents


One Promised King. Savior of the World.

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