Friday, January 29, 2010


Coming Soon...
...LOST Season 6 Premiere Pictures


Adam Purcell as Benjamin Linus

Andrew Henry Pieper as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Andy Hartshorn as James "Sawyer" Ford

Brooke Nelson as Sayid Jarrah

Camille Butler as Kate Austen

Christian Pieper as Frank Lapidus

Emily Lloyd as Juliet Burke

Jeffrey Knight as Charlie Pace

Katie and Joe Nibley as Sun and Jin Kwon

Kenton Pieper as Desmond Hume

Kiera George as Claire Littleton

Kubo as Richard Alpert

Lauren Pieper as Jacob

Michael Brandley as Charlotte Lewis

Nick Anderson as Boone Carlyle

Paige Nelson as Shannon Rutherford

Trex Wood as Daniel Faraday

With Special Guest Appearance:

Baby as Aaron Littleton



emmycakes said...

In other words, I need to bring Baby? Done.

Taren said...

this looks like it was quite the event! thanks for the invite, one LOST fan to another, but I had some prior LOST arrangements. LOST! So... what'd you think? I think I have 15 more agonizing episodes in store for me. I wish I could lock myself away for 15 hours and get it over with. Dressed as Penny, nonetheless. It'd be the best 15 hours of my life. I'm not making any sense now. It's 3:45 a.m... I'm going to bed.