Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I had a great Christmas break. My family covers every aspect you can think of in regards to the word "hilarious". We're funny, quirky, witty, loud, crazy, and we can make really gross faces. Like, way grosser than most people's gross faces. (For photographic examples, contact Nina Lisa Nelson.
She's a pro. (For the crude title of this face, see me. It enhances the experience.))

Moving on.

While I was home, we (as is to be expected) did a lot of hilarious things:
  • We tried to teach my mom how to do a cartwheel. It consisted of lots of screaming, falling, laughing and a kick in the stomach at the end. It was hilarious.
  • We all stood around the piano and sang out of the Disney song book in different voices (mine was opera, of course) while Paige ran and hid in her room because she was mortified. It was hilarious.
  • We sat as a family to watch a movie and instead ended up watching "The Whale that Exploded" on the National Geographic Channel. It was hilarious.
  • My dad danced. It was hilarious.
  • One night we swapped jokes that we had made up ourselves. They were all incredibly cheesy and Erven-esque. So naturally, they were hilarious.
Would you like to hear some of the jokes? Of course you would. Ok. So, here's the one that started it all off. It's one that I made up a couple months ago:

How does a mermaid give birth?
She has a SEA-section.

What did I tell you? HILARIOUS, right?

Paige followed up my joke with another mermaid joke:

What does the math-mermaid wear?
An algae-bra.
Get it?

So then my dad piped in and said:

Where does the math-squirrel live?
Gee...um... a tree? (Ge-om-e-try)

Then Rex added something and it went on from there. We ended with one of Paige's nerdiest/best:

If Georgia wears Virginia's New Jersey, what does Delaware?
...Idaho, Alaska! (I don't know, I'll ask her.)

I know what you're thinking: We're hilarious. And you want to come to my house next Christmas. Well, too bad for you!

Unless I marry you before then. Then lucky for you.


Paige Nelson said...

This is my favorite post ever...mostly because you mention both my really cool jokes. I love getting credit for cool things. But besides me, the squirrel picture is the high light. Brilliant. I love our fam anyone would be so lucky to marry into it.

Zane and Lexi said...

you guys crack me up - I love nelson jokes... keep em' coming!